Professor Ken’s passion for sports and martial arts began during his upbringing on the island of Guam. Upon arriving in Tucson, Arizona, he immersed himself in Judo at a local academy, dedicating over six years to honing his skills.

In July of 2013, he embarked on his Jiu-Jitsu journey in Tucson, and it was love at first roll. The art’s intricacies and humbling nature, particularly in how smaller individuals could control larger opponents, captivated him. Despite starting Jiu-Jitsu at a later stage, he found himself drawn to the foundational movements and deeper concepts of the discipline.

In 2015, Professor Ken embraced teaching and sharing his Jiu-Jitsu expertise, especially with the younger generation. His genuine love for instruction shines through as he encourages his students to excel both on and off the mats. One of his core messages to them is to strive for personal growth daily, becoming better individuals than they were yesterday.

While Professor Ken does engage in some level of competition, he firmly believes in prioritizing the fundamentals: self-defense, self-confidence, humility, and helping his students become exemplary members of society. For him, Jiu-Jitsu is not just a sport; it’s a means to foster character development and enrich lives.  His guiding motto is “Train To Learn…”