Coach Nick’s journey into training began during his time stationed in a remote Alaskan village. With no access to traditional gyms, he and a friend turned to a DVD course and a handful of wrestling mats to kickstart their training. This dedicated effort persisted for two years. Later, Nick and his wife made a move to Tucson, Arizona, where they discovered Hydra Jiu Jitsu.

Nick’s background is noteworthy, having served as an Alaska State Trooper for a decade. In this capacity, he instructed law enforcement recruits and active troopers in ground fighting, Gracie Survival Tactics, and Gracie Combatives. His expertise extends to various instructor certifications, including Tasers, Verbal Judo, De-Escalation Tactics, Impairment Identification and Investigation, among other subjects.

A true enthusiast of the art, Nick finds joy in teaching a diverse range of individuals – kids, adults, beginners, and advanced practitioners – all of whom he watches progress in their unique jiu jitsu journeys.

Outside the realm of martial arts, Nick is passionate about travel, camping, and quality time with his wife and three furry companions. He maintains an unswerving commitment to his jiu jitsu practice and fitness regimen, seizing every chance to attend classes or engage in workouts. Embracing a love for exploration, he relishes discovering new places, experimenting with new cuisines, and embracing the opportunity to learn fresh skills.